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12.5 x 25 x 0.9 cm
Bevelled Anti-Slip

Product Description

Pool anti-slips are products that are usedon the sides of the pool and prevent people from slipping and falling.

With their 100% porcelain structure, they have minimum water absorption and are resistant to high temperatures and freezing.

They do not stain and have high chemical resistance against acid or alkali substances.

It can be used in public pools such as hotel pools, site pools, sports complexes and aquaparks, and in pools where hygiene and health are at the forefront, such as private villa pools.

SKU Color
3201 Unglazed
3202 Light Blue - Glazed Tape
3203 Cobalt - Glazed Tape
3206 Ligth Blue - Full Glazed
3207 Cobalt - Full Glazed
3208 Cobalt - Light Blue
3209 Light Blue - Cobalt